1. SAHAYOGI – Care Givers Programmes

 Care Givers are needed in the villages and towns to take care of the elderly patients and the bedridden  Divyangjan.  They needed to be taken care of in a special way, different  from normal sick people.  To cater to these needs a group of volunteers are trained by RUCODE IDNIA.  We had conducted 3 months course called Primary care givers and Advanced Level care givers for a period of six months.  The educational qualification of the Primary level care givers is 8th pass and the Advance level care givers was 10th  completed.  The syllabus for these trainings  were prepared and structured by the National Trust.

RUCODE had conducted in the past one Primary level trainings and two Advanced  level training.  Totally 84 number of candidates were trained so for.



 The National Trust disabled persons such as Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Multiple Disabilities were provided Medical Insurance basing on their economic standard.  They were given up to one lakh of rupees for the purpose of treatment different type of therapeutic training and rehabilitation services.  RUCODE INDIA had been serving the National Trust disabled as a service centre for providng Niramaya Health Insurance.  In the past 11 years we had been serving the people in guiding, uploading and getting the medical benefits for the above four caregivers.  In order to create awareness on Niramaya we had several trainings to the different stake holders.


 The National Trust appoints one of the Registered Organisations (ROs) of each state to work as the State Nodal   Agency Centre in streamlining the various programmes and schemes of the National Trust.  RUCODE INDIA had been selected as the SNAC Coordinators of Tamilnadu in the year 2017 and had been working as Tamilnadu State Coordinator for the past 3 ½ years.  We have been visiting the ROs of Tamilnadu and guided them in their implementation of National Trust programmes and in addition conducting two state level training programmes.